Establishing Seyang Industry in 1988, we have been providing Worldwide Ship Owners with Marine Engineering Services like machinery parts supply, in-site reconditioning of the damaged machineries and anti-pollution services at sea. 

For the last 30 years since we started, fortunately Symsco could get various opportunities to show our efforts to clients, by virtue earning the best reputation in respect of Credit, Speed, Accuracy and Quality.

In 2010, Symsco was proud to become an engine parts sales agent for Hyundai Heavy Industries(HHI), the largest ship builder in the world and the world's leading engine manufacturer. Hereinafter, we had another watershed event with our renaming to current Symsco, focusing on the supplies of all kinds of engine parts as well as HHI products.

Presently our clients are around 140 customers in 45 countries, offering optimized insights and solutions through our global network.

Symsco is your best partner for success at sea and on shore.

Hyundai Engine Spare Parts Supplier

Symsco has provided high quality of genuine spare parts for Main Diesel Engine and Generator Engine in a timely manner.

Qualified Management System (ISO 9001)

We always pay our keen attention in order to find the best service with CREDIT, SPEED, ACCURACY and QUALITY.