Symsco knows Vessel and Ocean

We are experts on vessel equipment, providing engine parts, maintenance, repair and protection against disasters at sea.

We are to supply and arrange

In field of Marine Industry

  1. Main Propulsion Diesel Engine
    1. Sales of complete engine set (medium and low speed engines)
    2. Major Parts in Engine Room (Propeller, Crank Shaft, Pump, Purifier etc)
  2. Dynamo Engine
    1. Sales of complete engine sets (high and medium speed engines)
    2. Major parts of engine
  3. Auxiliary Machineries in Engine Room
    1. Sales of every machineries requires for the ship’s operation
  4. Parts Supply
    1. All kind of spare parts required for the above engines and machineries.
  5. Repairing and Reconditioning Services
    1. Available to arrange theses services through the Service Center authorized by HHI.
  6. Tank Cleaning and Anticorrosive coating
  7. Various Services concerning IOPP at Sea

In field of Power Plant

  1. Parts Supply
    1. Sales of the complete Diesel Gen-Sets including Aux. machineries
    2. Available to arrange EPC base Diesel Power Plant
    3. Packaged Power Plant (containerized)
  2. Spares for Power Plant
    1. ​All kind of spare required for the power plant
  3. O&M (operation & maintenance)
    1. ​All kind of spare required for the power plant
    1. Sales of repairing and maintaining materials for the partial damaged parts of engines or machineries.
    2. Directly attend on the maintaining site and repair

In field of Industrial Machineries, Tools and Parts

  1. Welding Machines, CNC or Ordinary Lathe Machines
  2. Drilling, Pressing, Bending Machines
  3. Industrial Bearings